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Distracted Driving Campaign

It's important for everyone sharing the road to be aware of the dangers of driving while distracted. To support CMV drivers, the FMCSA Our Roads, Our Safety campaign developed the toolkit below to provide tips on staying focused behind the wheel and road safety refreshers. All materials are available for download to print and/or share.

Access materials: Earned Media | Social Media | Tip Sheet

Earned Media Materials

Download and amplify these critical safety messages in your market with an earned media toolkit, including talking points to use as a guide when talking about the campaign with your community, press releases to share with local press for a broader announcement, and a radio reader to share with your local radio station to reach the CMV driver audience directly on the road. Sharing these messages to your broader audience and community will help keep our roads even safer. 

Social Media


Promote focused driving on your social platforms with this social media playbook, which includes a variety of social media messages, graphics, and tips to support the campaign’s mission.

Social Media Graphics & Copy

Distracted driving is dangerous for everyone on the road. Share these graphics to remind drivers to remain focused when behind the wheel. These can be used throughout the year and fit in with your current social media strategy. Download the graphic or video, upload it to the social platform of your choosing, and then copy and paste your selected message into the post. 

Image of truck with speech saying not to drive distracted

General Graphic | Animated Graphic

Copy: Distracted driving is dangerous. Stay focused on #OurRoads when behind the wheel. 

Image of truck with speech saying not to text and drive

Texting/Phone Graphic | Animated Graphic

Copy: Texting while driving takes your eyes off the road and puts your safety and others at risk. Don’t drive distracted. #OurRoads

Image of truck with speech saying to not eat or drink and drive

Food Graphic | Animated Graphic

Copy: If you need to eat while on the road, pull over and take a break to do so. Eating and drinking can take your focus off the road. Don’t drive distracted. #OurRoads

Image of truck with speech saying to set your GPS before your drive

GPS Graphic |  Animated Graphic

Copy: Set your GPS when you first get in your truck or bus to avoid unnecessary distractions while driving. Don’t drive distracted. #OurRoads

Tip Sheet

Download this one-pager for tips on how to stay focused on the road while driving.

Tip Sheet

Preview of tip sheet for drivers that explains to stay focused on the road

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