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Y I Buckle Up: CMV Seat Belt Usage Awareness

Fatal crashes on America’s roadways are rising, and a major contributing factor is not wearing a seat belt. FMCSA is committed to supporting and protecting commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers, which includes encouraging seat belt use among drivers and CMV occupants.

FMCSA’s campaign, Y I Buckle Up, reminds drivers that wearing a seat belt helps protect them in a crash, complies with the law, and allows them to make it home safely.

In 2020 alone, nearly half of all large truck occupants not wearing a seat belt in fatal crashes died. The call to action is simple: always wear your seat belt because they help save lives.

While an estimated 14% of CMV drivers do not wear their seat belts, we must recognize the many drivers who prioritize safety by always buckling up. So why should you buckle up? Here are some of the many reasons:

  • It keeps you safe. As a CMV driver, staying safe on the roads is a priority. It’s essential to maintain safety as your focus, which includes wearing a seat belt.
  • It helps you make it home safely. Whether it’s family, friends, or even pets, making it home to those who depend on you matters most.
  • It’s required by law. We know CMV drivers take pride in driving safely and their critical role in keeping America moving. Complying with company safety policies and respecting the law are marks of professionalism.

Please help keep our roads and the CMV community safe by wearing your seat belt. Sharing this critical safety message is also important—view and download educational materials and other safety tips below.

CMV Seat Belt Toolkit

Tips for Truck and Bus Drivers

Additional Resources

CMV Seat Belt

I buckle up to return home to my family.

Wearing a seat belt save lives. Discover more information to keep your community safe and buckle up!

CMV Safe Speed

Maintain a safe speed on our roads.

Speeding can have terrible consequences. Help everyone stay safe on our roads and remind them to maintain a safe speed.

General Safe Driving Resources

Let's all plan to share the road safely.

Discover a wide range of materials to help all road users understand the different safety challenges we all face and to share the road safely.

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