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Phil and Dana

Phil’s Job Title: Motorcycle Safety Instructor 

Phil in His Own Words: A lot of people think motorcycles are dangerous, but I don’t believe that. Part of my job is to bring awareness that large trucks and buses have blind spots where they simply cannot see vehicles, especially smaller vehicles like motorcycles, making their visibility easily lost in high-traffic situations. Although operating motorcycles can be risky, there are ways to smartly minimize the risk while driving them by being attentive. 

Dana’s Job Title: Motorcyclist

Dana in Her Own Words: As a motorcyclist, I always keep in mind that large trucks and buses cannot see me very well due to their size and blind spots. A great way to stay visible on the road is to drive in an area where the driver can see me, like the front of the truck. Being alert is the most important tool we have as motorcyclists when riding alongside other large trucks and buses. When I am on my motorcycle, it’s just me, my gear, and the skills I have to get to my destination safely. 

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