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FMCSA Part 381 Exemptions in Effect

(Starting with renewal or new, beginning effectiveness in February 2016; in order of effective date)

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Filing OrganizationCategorySub-CategoryApplies ToExemptionDate Appvl Published Fed RegEffective DateExpiration DateDocket Number FMCSA-
ArcelorMittalHOS/VEHHOS/VEHTheir drivers on-siteVery short interstate trips9/23/169/23/169/23/212015-050
Ace Pyro / Illuminations FireworksHOS14 hrDrivers for 2 carriers, Jun 28-Jul 8 onlyNo 14 hr rule during fireworks shows7/5/166/28/167/8/202014-0111
Amer PyrotechnicsHOS14 hrCertain fireworks transporters; limited periods14 hr exception during July 4 fireworks6/29/156/28/167/8/20
ATAHOS30 minAll placarded HM"Attending" HM 30 min break on duty8/21/158/21/158/21/20 FAST Act2015-0012
CR EnglandCDLOtherCLP holders, as team driverCLP holder w/o front seat CDL holder6/12/176/13/176/12/222014-0406
CRSTCDLCLPCLP holders, as team driverCLP holder w/o front seat CDL holder9/23/169/23/169/24/182015-0480
DaimlerCDLForeign Driver1 driverZEILINGER: CDL Exemption6/6/176/6/176/6/222012-0032
DaimlerCDLForeign Driver1 driverZEUNER: CDL exemption5/23/175/23/175/23/222012-0032
DaimlerCDLForeign Driver1 driverOELTJENBRUNS: CDL exemption9/12/169/12/169/12/182012-0032
DaimlerCDLForeign Driver1 driverBOEHM
CDL exception
DaimlerCDLForeign Driver1 driverBAUMANN
CDL exception
DaimlerCDLForeign Driver1 driverHELBING CDL Exemption8/17/177/22/177/22/222012-032
DaimlerCDLForeign Driver1 driverENNERST CDL renewal8/17/177/22/177/22/222012-0032
DOEHOS30 minDOE special category shipments"Attending" 30 min break on duty6/22/156/30/156/30/20 FAST Act2012-0370
Farruggio's ExpressHOSRODSFarruggio drivers onyShort haul: Go past 12 hr limit w/o RODS8/10/168/10/168/10/21 2015-0460
Flatbed Carrier Safety GroupCargo Securement393.120All motor carriersSecurement of metal coils loaded with eyes crosswise grouped in rows4/21/174/13/174/13/222010-0177
Ford Motor CompanyExhaust Location393.83Motor carriers operating Ford’s Transit-based CMVsExhaust system location that does not meet current requirements11/16/178/15/178/15/222015-0111
Hino MotorsVisibility393.60(e)Hino CMVsDevice mounted lower in windshield8/3/178/3/178/3/222015-0239
International Institute of Towing and Recovery (IITR)Cargo Securement393.112/393.128All motor carriersUse combination of fixed and adjustable tiedowns to secure light vehicles5/15/175/15/175/15/222016-0111
McKee FoodsHOSsleeperTeam drivers using sleeperSleeper berth modified rule3/27/153/27/153/27/20 FAST Act2014-0071
Missouri Dept RevenueCDLWaiver skills test- militaryOption for all SDLAs; Veterans w/I 1 year of dischargeExtend 90 day app period to 1 year6/29/167/8/167/8/182016-0118
Missouri Dept Revenue (Option all States)CDLMilitaryVet truck driversSkip CDL knowledge test10/27/1610/27/1610/29/182016-0130
Motion Picture Assoc. MPAAHOSShort-haul; ELD useOperations at production sitesUse paper or AOBRD1/19/181/19/181/19/232017-0298
National Asphalt Paving NAPAHOS30 MRB/ short haul 12 hrsDrivers on asphalt paving projectsNo 30 MRB. Short haul up to 14 hrs1/26/18 1/26/18 1/25/232017-0197
National Tank Truck Carriers NTTCHOSHOS 30 MRB/ short-haulFuel delivery driversNo MRB if over 12 hrs short haul4/9/184/9/184/10/232017-0270
New PRIMECDLOtherCLP holders, as team driverCLP holder w/o front seat CDL holder6/27/17 6/27/17 6/27/222016-0420
Oregon DOTCDLCLPAll SDLAsIssue CLP for 1 yr period instead of 6 mo4/4/184/5/184/5/192015-0397
OTAHOS14 hrOR timber drivers, limited situationsOregon Trk Assoc for timber industry3/18/153/18/153/18/20 FAST Act2013-0451
Rail Delivery ServicesHOSShort haul 12 hr limitAll of their driversUse timecards even when exceeding 12 hrshor11/14/1711/14/1711/14/222017-0190
R&R TranspHOS30 minCertain hi-risk cargos"Attending" time 30 MRB for hi-risk cargoPending10/2/1510/2/20 FAST Act2015-0197
RVIACDLOtherDriveaway RV driversRec veh driveaway CDL exemption4/12/174/6/174/6/222014-0352
SC&RAHOS30 Min.Mobile Cranes30 min break exemption for mobile cranes11/1/1611/1/1611/1/182016-006
SC&RAHOS30 minUnder OS/OW permitNo rest breaks if OS/OW under permit6/18/156/18/156/18/20 FAST Act2015-0420
SDDCHOS30 minSDDC special category shipments"Attending" 30 min break on duty10/20/1710/20/1710/21/23
STEMCOLighting393.11Carriers using STEMCO aerodynamic deviceAllows rear ID & clearance lights to be mounted lower2/14/182/14/182/1/232016-0167

TowMate LLC

Lighting393.23Temporary Towing OperationsAllow rechargeable battery tail lighting systems2/13/182/9/182/9/232015-0238
TrailwaysHOSshort stopsRegular Route motorcoach driversNot log short stops: all reg rt carriers6/4/155/31/155/31/20 FAST Act2012-0268
Truck Renting and Leasing Assoc.ELD395.8CMV leased for 8 days or fewerNo ELD/ AOBRD reqd if lease in vehicle10/11/1710/11/1710/11/222016-0428
United Parcel ServiceELD395.8All drivers and carriers using ELDs(1) Can enter data in portable ELD without vehicle power on (2) Not rqd to re-enter yard move each power cycle10/20/1710/20/1710/20/222017-0054
WestRockHOS14 hr. ruleSpecified local drivers14 hr. rule extended to 16 hrs.11/25/157/25/16 7/25/212010-0027

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Charles Horan
Director Office of Carrier, Driver, and Vehicle Safety Standards

Updated: Tuesday, May 08, 2018

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