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Road Safety Art Contest

Our Roads Our Safety

Everyone who uses the roads has a role to play in safety. This includes large trucks and buses, cars, bicyclists and pedestrians.

This contest lets children in kindergarten through sixth grade (ages 5-12) use their creativity and talent to help raise awareness of how to stay safe on the roads. 


The 2020 Road Safety Art Contest is now open! 

Click below to learn more about the annual contest and to download the entry form. Contest ends June 26, 2020.


Entry Form

Ideas and Tips

Red Contest Winners

Annual Contest Winners


Contest Awards

GRAND PRIZE and HONORABLE MENTION winners are awarded in two categories:

  • Category A: Artists in kindergarten through second grade
  • Category B: Artists in third through sixth grade

Winners of the Annual Road Safety Art Contest are featured in the FMCSA Road Safety Art Contest Calendar. Winners of the Holiday Road Safety Art Contest are featured in the FMCSA Road Safety Coloring Book.

All winners will receive: framed artwork, recognition certificate, and inclusion on the FMCSA website and social media.

Contest Background

The annual contest serves as a collaborative effort between the Our Roads, Our Safety partnership and the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Belt partnership to raise safety awareness for the commercial bus and truck industries.



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Last updated: Monday, March 16, 2020