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Voices of Safety Campaign

Our Roads, Our Safety® showcases the challenges other road users face – along with safety tips – from the perspectives of different Voices of Safety. The campaign spotlights a truck driver, bus driver and an experienced car driver through interview videos, social content and radio/video public service announcements (PSAs). 

Access materials: PSAs | Videos | Social MediaInfographics | Advertising | Postcard

Public Service Announcements

Video and radio PSA icons overlaid in front of a truck. Links to all PSAs.

View the 0:30 and 0:15 video and radio PSAs and download the outdoor PSAs.

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Interview Videos

Meet Ingrid, Keith, Ed, and all the Voices of Safety who share their stories of driving and sharing the road safely.

Truck Driver

Truck Driver Ingrid

Meet Ingrid

Bus Driver

Bus Driver Keith

Meet Keith

Passenger Vehicle Driver

Passenger vehicle driver Ed

Meet Ed

Social Content

Sample social media content, including copy and graphics, for sharing the Voices of Safety campaign.

Suggested Facebook Post: FMCSA’s Our Roads, Our Safety campaign focuses on raising awareness on how to share the road safely with large trucks and buses. The Voices of Safety public service announcements showcase various perspectives and personal experiences from the road. The campaign illustrates some of the challenges that large vehicles face, and some tips for operating safely around them. Check out the voices here, as well as tips for how to share the road safely: #OurRoads #VoicesOfSafety

Suggested Facebook Post: Every driver offers a different perspective, but we all share the same roads and want to arrive safely at our destination. Find out from Ingrid, Keith and Ed tips to keep in mind as you hit the road: #OurRoads #VoicesOfSafety

Suggested Tweet: Ingrid always keeps a far distance between her truck & other vehicles, but sometimes people cut too close. Find out how she keeps #OurRoads safe & how you can too: #VoicesOfSafety #safety #roadtrip

Suggested Tweet: Keith knows firsthand how blind spots affect him as a bus driver. Check out how he keeps #OurRoads safe & how you can too: #VoicesOfSafety #safety #roadtrip

Suggested Tweet: Ed makes sure he gives trucks & buses enough space to make their wide turns when driving. Read more on how he keeps #OurRoads safe & how you can too: #VoicesOfSafety #safety #roadtrip

Suggested Facebook Post: Meet Ingrid. She’s been driving her own truck since 1979 and enjoys seeing our nation’s landscapes through her career. As one of the #VoicesOfSafety, she wants you to be aware of the extra stopping distance large trucks and buses require while you’re on the road. Help Ingrid continue the work she loves by sharing #OurRoads safely.

Suggested Facebook Post: Meet Keith. He’s been driving buses for more than 22 years and logs about 65,000 miles a year on #OurRoads. As one of the #VoicesOfSafety, Keith wants you to remember that buses and large trucks have enormous blind spots that make cars, bicyclists, and pedestrians difficult to see. Help make sure everyone makes it back to their families safely. Stay out of blind spots on the road.

Suggested Facebook Post: Meet Ed. He’s been driving cars both personally and professionally for more than 24 years. As one of the #VoicesOfSafety, Ed wants you to remember to give plenty of space for large trucks and buses to make their turns. Make sure you make safe driving decisions and contribute to keeping #OurRoads safe for everyone. #OurRoads


Highlighting different perspectives from the road – from a seasoned truck driver to a pedestrian – here are graphics for social media to create awareness around the challenges road users face and how to share the road safely.  



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