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Campaign Materials

Our Roads, Our Safety partnership makes available a wide range of materials that any organization with an interest in road safety may use to raise awareness and further and promote safe driving around large trucks and buses. See material from the new Voices of Safety public safety awareness campaign - providing a unique view into some of the challenges other road users face.

If there are any materials you may find useful but don’t see here, please contact us. We appreciate all efforts to raise awareness about the importance of safely sharing the roadway with everyone.

Voices of Safety PSAs

Get outdoor billboards and posters, as well as video PSA and radio spots for use in a variety of different outreach channels.

Voices of Safety billboard ad with bus driver, "there's a lot I can't see around my bus" - Keith, Bus Driver; Stay Safe. Keep Out of Blind Spots.

See PSAs

Social Content

Sample social media content, including copy and graphics, for sharing the Our Roads, Our Safety message through various channels.

Social Media Graphic: Ingrid

See Social Content


A variety of infographics provide clear, simple messages about the specific operating challenges that buses and trucks face. Click to download and share them through social media, email marketing, or feature them on your website.

Graphics Image

See Truck Infographics See Bus Infographics


The Our Roads, Our Safety brochure is a convenient way to quickly share facts and simple tips for driving safely around large trucks and buses. It can be used at conferences and events, trade shows and other similar venues.

Our Roads Our Safety Brochure screenshot

See Brochure

Tip Sheets

Here you will find tip sheets designed for bicyclists and pedestrians, bus and truck drivers, and passenger vehicle drivers. Download, print and distribute them, or post them to your website as graphics or linked PDF files.

Tip Sheets Image

Driving Around CMVs CMV Drivers 

Bikes and Pedestrians

Fact Sheet

The Large Trucks & Buses by the Numbers fact sheet provides high-level crash data and statistics, that can be used for educational purposes, safety events, or public awareness contexts.

Our Roads Our Safety Factsheet screenshot

See Fact Sheet


Download and print a series of postcards for distribution at events or by mail. FMCSA can also provide a limited number of printed postcards. For more information or to place an order, please contact us.

Postcard Image

Voices of Safety General "Extra Space"

Full-Page Ad

Use this full-page ad as a printable flyer for conferences and events, or for your organization’s digital or print publications. 

Screenshot of full-page ad - Meet The Voices

Full-Page Ad


Click to download the official Our Roads, Our Safety campaign logos that can be used on websites, social media, or other outreach material. 

Our Roads Our Safety logo with iconsOur Roads Our Safety logo with URL

Download Logo 1 Download Logo 2

Updated: Monday, March 9, 2020
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