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CMV Safe Speed

Speeding continues to be a major problem on our nation’s roadways. In 2020 alone, speeding killed 11,258 people. FMCSA is committed to protecting the safety of commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers, which includes emphasizing the importance of observing speed limits.

FMCSA’s Safe Speed Campaign helps communicate that maintaining safe speeds can improve safety and save lives. Because large trucks and buses take much longer to stop because of their weight and size, it’s critical CMV drivers know how to safely operate their vehicles while obeying traffic laws, like speed limits.

Why Safer Speeds Helps Reach Zero Fatalities

Driving over the speed limit endangers all road users. By maintaining a safe speed on our roads, CMV drivers are able to better control their large vehicles and carefully react to changing road conditions, like traffic or weather impacts. The action is simple: maintain safe speeds to help save lives.

Speeding remains a top contributor to roadway fatalities: In 2020, speeding of any kind was the most frequent driver-related factor in fatal crashes for CMV drivers (7.3%) as well as passenger vehicle drivers (18.8%).

CMVs present unique driving challenges due to their large size and weight, which mean slower acceleration and longer braking distances. It’s important for everyone sharing the road to be aware of the dangers speeding presents, particularly for CMVs.

Promote safe speed messaging to reduce this unsafe driving behavior among CMV drivers—view and download educational materials and other safety tips below.

CMV Safe Speed Toolkit

Tips for Truck and Bus Drivers

Additional Resources