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Road Safety Art Contest Ideas

Our Roads Art Contest


Everyone who uses the roads has a role to play in safety. This includes large trucks and buses, cars, bicyclists and pedestrians.


  1. The art must SHOW A TRUCK AND/OR A BUS. 
  2. Make sure all drivers and passengers in all vehicles are shown wearing seat belts.
  3. There are no limitations on the number of overall vehicles in the artwork including cars. But the scene depicted should be similar to a real life road situation. Hint: Make sure you put a lot of room between the big truck/big bus and the car or bicycle so they are not too close.

In creating artwork, children should use one of the following:

  1. Draw a truck driver or bus driver smiling at a person who is in a car traveling safely or on a bicycle riding safely on the road. Hint: Make sure the person in the car or bike rider sees the truck or bus driver too!
  2. Draw a truck or bus making a turn in a busy street. Hint: Make sure the other cars and people are giving the large truck or bus a lot of room and are not too close.

For more ideas, download the Road Safety Art Contest Themes and Artwork Ideas PDF at the top of this page.

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