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Medical Regulations and Guidance Resource Links

About the Tables

This document provides quick access through links to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations relevant to the physical qualification of interstate commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers as well as other available resources including Medical Review Board taskings and recommendations, and evidence reports.

Regulations vs. Guidance

Established under the Agency’s statutory authority, FMCSA’s safety regulations concerning the physical qualifications of drivers are legally binding on those subject to their provisions.  FMCSA has the authority to compel compliance with regulations.  These regulations ensure uniform application of the law and how the laws must be followed. 

In addition, FMCSA provides medical guidance to Medical Examiners (MEs) in the form of advisory criteria, bulletins, interpretations of the regulations, and guidelines.  Medical guidance assists MEs in applying the regulations governing the physical qualifications of interstate CMV drivers.  Often, this guidance is based on input from medical expert panels or is derived from clinical best practices.  Unlike regulations, recommendations and other guidance do not have the force and effect of law and are not meant to bind the public in any way.  Rather, such guidance is strictly advisory, not mandatory, and intended solely to clarify existing requirements under the regulations or FMCSA policies.  The public (including MEs) is free to choose whether or not to utilize such guidance or recommendations as a basis for decision-making.