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Large trucks and buses, also known as commercial motor vehicles (CMVs), play a critical role in helping move our nation's economy and transporting our loved ones. It's easy to think of all vehicles on the road simply as cars of varying sizes that handle the same way. However, trucks and buses are much more difficult to maneuver and have massive blind spots. The Our Roads, Our Responsibility campaign empowers all of us who share the roads to be aware of these differences. Some simple adjustments in driving behavior can help all drivers keep the road as safe as possible.

Share the Roads with Large Trucks and Buses

Be Aware of Blind Spot Image

Don't Cut in: Buses take 40% longer to stop image

Give trucks extra space turning radius: 55 feet image

State-by-State Data
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You can access state commercial motor vehicles statistics in the following tables:

  • Top 10 States for Large Truck and Bus Fatalities

  • Fatalities in Crashes Involving Large Trucks by State, 2004-2014

  • Fatal Crashes Involving Large Trucks per State Population, 2004-2014

  • Crashes Per State Population

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Outreach Materials
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Want to learn more information about how to drive safely, but not sure how to get started? View the Our Roads, Our Responsibility outreach materials which include safety tips and infographics.

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