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Featured Jobs by Career Level

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) offers positions at every career stage, from entry level to senior leadership. Career levels are aligned with the government’s General Schedule (GS) classification and pay system, which applies to most federal civilian positions.

Representative FMCSA Positions

Entry Level Positions typically require no or limited prior work experience. Depending on the job requirements, a degree, other education or training, or certifications may be required. Examples include:

Mid-Career Positions require greater experience and specific subject expertise. They may require advanced or specialized education, training, or certification. Examples include:

  • Highway Safety Specialist (State Program Specialist), GS-2125-13
  • Federal Program Specialists, GS-2125-13
  • New Entrant Program Specialists, GS-2125-12/13
  • Enforcement Programs Specialist, GS-2125-12/13
  • Financial Management Specialist, GS-501-12
  • Information Technology Specialist, GS-2210-12/13/14

Management and Leadership Roles require significant experience; strong program and/or technical expertise; advanced degrees, specialized training, or certifications; along with training and experience in program and personnel management. Examples include:

  • Program Manager (Division Administrator), GS-340-14/15
  • Supervisory Highway Safety Specialist (Service Center Director), GS-2125-15
  • Border Inspector Supervisors, GS-2123-11
  • Border Auditor Supervisor, GS-2123-12
  • Border Office Supervisor, GS-2123-13

Understanding Position Grades

The GS system has 15 levels known as “grades”: from GS-01 through GS-15. You may also see a “series” number before the GS grade, which reflects a system for grouping similar occupations.

Many positions show a range of grades, such as GS-7/9/11 or GS-4/5. An applicant who meets the minimum requirements may be hired at the lowest level in the range, while an applicant who has more experience and skills may be hired at a higher level. 
A position’s specific job requirements, along with an applicant’s education, relevant experience, and other qualifications, all factor into the grade when hiring. 

You can learn more from the following resources:

Application Tips

Applying for a federal job is very different from private-sector application processes, from using the USAJOBS site to creating an effective federal resume. Before applying for an FMCSA position, take advantage of some tips for a successful application.

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