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Application Tips

The federal application process can be challenging. Federal resumes require more detail than standard resumes. The most effective resumes for federal jobs clearly and specifically relate how your skills make you right for the job. You should always tailor your resumes for any job application, rather than using a single resume for multiple positions.

  1. Read the Position Announcement Carefully. Assess how well your experience, skills, and education match the selection criteria. Also pay close attention to the instructions for applying. The announcement might require very specific information that isn’t on your current resume. Make sure you include all required information and follow the instructions.
  2. Register for a USAJOBS Account to Apply. The USAJOBS Help Center provides information on creating an account, and checking the status of your application. Also within the Help Center is a how-to guide for building a resume in their system.
  3. Create a Detailed Resume Tailored to the Position. Make sure it’s clear how your education and experience are related to the job you’re applying for. Include achievements and the impact of your work, as well as any awards and recognition. You can also describe qualifications from leadership roles in volunteer positions, special projects or assignments, and professional or academic challenges and successes. Don’t try to limit your resume to one or two pages; use as much space as you need to include as much relevant information as possible.