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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

Summary of Transportation of Household Goods, Consumer Protection Regulations Interim Final Rule

  • Eliminates the use of Common/Contract carrier terminology. Applies the regulations to for-hire motor carriers engaged in the interstate transportation of household goods for individual shippers. Sec. 375.101
  • Reduces the mover’s liability for items not declared by shipper. Brings the current regulation more in line with hazardous materials regulations found at 49 CFR Part 175.25. Sec. 375. 203
  • Requires HHG carriers (movers) to have written agreements with its agents. Sec. 375.205
  • Codifies the arbitration program requirements as provided by the ICCTA. Sec 375.211
  • Requires that movers provide notice of the availability of the applicable sections of their tariffs for shipper’s examination or have copies sent to them upon request. Sec. 375. 213
  • Requires that all rates and charges for the transportation and services rendered be in accordance with the mover’s applicable tariff in effect, including the method of payment. Sec. 375.215
  • Requires that if the mover or its agent agrees to accept a charge or credit card payment as the method to pay for receipt of goods at delivery, then the mover must arrange for delivery during the time the can obtain authorization from the shippers charge or credit card company. Sec. 375.217
  • Provides that the mover is bound by the payment provisions in its tariff from the time it gives an estimate until completion of any transaction that results from that estimate, unless otherwise agreed to by the shipper. Sec. 375. 221
  • Provides that if the mover fails to issue a copy of the insurance policy or other appropriate evidence of insurance when the individual shipper purchases additional insurance coverage, then the mover is fully liable. Sec. 375.303
  • Requires that movers comply with advertising requirements. Sec. 375.307
  • Provides that money orders are a form of acceptable payment. Sec. 375.401
  • Requires the mover to specify the form of payment when the mover prepares the estimate and that this information be a part of all necessary documents, including the order for service and the bill of lading. Sec. 375.401
  • Requires that all estimates be provided in writing, including estimates provided over the telephone. Sec. 375.401
  • Requires that the mover determine charges for any accessorial services such as elevators, long carries, etc., before preparing the order for service and the bill of lading. If the mover fails to ask the shipper about such charges and fails to determine such charges before preparing the order for service and the bill of lading, the mover must deliver the goods and bill the shipper no sooner than 30 days for the additional charges. Sec. 375.401
  • Requires that the mover specify the final charges for a shipment moving on non-binding estimate charges will be based on actual weight, if applicable, and services, subject to the 110 percent rule at delivery. Sec. 375.405
  • Requires HHG brokers to provide full written disclosure in advance of the move that explains that actual charges may differ from the estimated charges and the reasons therefore. If not disclosed the carrier would not be allowed to collect additional charges. Sec. 375.405
  • Requires that the mover provide a written explanation of volume to weight conversions, when the mover provides an estimate by volume and converts the volume to weight. Raises the weight threshold from 454 kilograms (1,000 pounds) to 3,000 pounds. Sec. 375.405
  • Requires that movers retain all estimates for shipments that it handles for one year. Sec. 375. 403 & 407
  • Requires HHG brokers to have agreements in place with movers before making estimates. Sec 375.409
  • Provides that the mover is bound by the brokers estimate. Sec. 375.409
  • Requires that a mover write an inventory of all items involved in a move, assigning each item an identification number. Sec. 375.503
  • Requires that a mover prepare a bill of lading. Sec, 375.05
  • Allows shippers to sign partially completed orders for service, bills of lading, at origin provided it contains all relevant shipping information except the shipment weight and any other information necessary to determine the final charges for all services performed. Sec 375.505
  • Requires that a copy of the bill of lading must accompany a shipment at all times while in the mover’s possession. Sec. 375.505
  • The bill of lading must be in the possession of the driver responsible for the shipment. Sec. 375.505
  • Requires that the shipper’s waiver of the right to observe a re-weighing be in writing. Sec. 375.515
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Last updated: Tuesday, February 10, 2015