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Registration Alerts

Ending Un-dismissal Process

Effective August 1, 2023, FMCSA will no longer accept requests from entities to un-dismiss their operating authority application. This will allow FMCSA to review new applications to ensure they are fit, willing, and able to comply with Federal regulations and laws.  If an entity’s application was dismissed after January 1, 2022, it can submit a request for un-dismissal through July 31, 2023.  Beginning August 1, 2023, if your application is dismissed, you will need to submit a new application and pay the appropriate fee ($300 per type of operating authority requested).

Please note:  A dismissal is the equivalent of a rejection and the only cure is either (1) an appeal, because you have evidence that insurance was actually filed, or (2) to file a new application.

For information on how to request an un-dismissal of an application, click here.

Broker and Bona Fide Agents Definitions

On November 16, FMCSA issued interim guidance in the Federal Register to inform the public and regulated entities about FMCSA’s interpretation of the definitions of “broker” and “bona fide agents” as it relates to all brokers of transportation by motor vehicle.  The guidance is available at .This guidance is intended to better define the terms, as mandated by Section 23021 of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) published in November 2021.  After consideration of public comments received, FMCSA is providing clarification on its interpretation of the definitions of “broker” and “bona fide agents,” in addition to meeting other criteria required by the IIJA.  While this interim guidance is effective immediately, FMCSA is also seeking comments in response to this interim guidance and may issue updated guidance if comments demonstrate a need.  The Agency will accept comments through January 17, 2023.

Updated on 11/17/2022 8 am EST

FMCSA Insurance Phone Lines Disconnected

Please note that the FMCSA Insurance Phone Lines 202-385-2423 and 202-385-2424 have been disconnected. If you have insurance related questions, reach the FMCSA Contact Center via the Ask Page or by dialing 1-800-832-5660. 

Updated on 11/4/22 4 pm EST

FMCSA Daily Decisions on Operating Authority (CPLs, Reinstatements, Re-entitlements)

The official record of an entity’s operating authority registration is found on the FMCSA’s Licensing & Insurance (L&I) system once the certificate, permit, or license is generated.  Once the L&I System reflects that FMCSA has issued the certificate, permit, or license, the motor carrier, broker, or freight forwarder is authorized to commence operations.  The information in the L&I system is the authoritative source for whether an entity is authorized to engaged in non-exempt, for-hire interstate operations.

Hard copies of certificates do not represent an active authority to engage in operations. For this reason, FMCSA does not require domestic motor carriers or freight forwarders to maintain a copy of their certificate, permit, or license in the commercial motor vehicle.  Enforcement of operating authority registration violations must be based on information maintained in the L&I System, not on the information in a paper copy of the certificate, permit, or license, or (for U.S. domestic motor carriers) on the absence of a paper copy in the vehicle.

Before beginning non-exempt, for-hire motor carrier, broker, or freight forwarder operations in interstate commerce, entities are required under 49 U.S.C. 13901 to obtain operating authority registration.  FMCSA regulations in 49 CFR part 365 were promulgated to implement the operating authority registration requirement.  Under 49 CFR part 365, entities must submit an application for operating authority registration to FMCSA for review.  Under 49 CFR 365.115(b), after FMCSA review and publication in the FMCSA Register, “[i]f no one opposes the application, the grant published in the FMCSA Register will become effective by issuance of a certificate, permit, or license.”

While the above message is still accurate, FMCSA is now making available the six daily decision letters to the public the day they are generated.  This prevents customers from having to wait on the hard copy letter that comes in the mail.  Anyone can access these daily decision letters on our FMCSA Registration Homepage at: located on the left and top menu of our page. You can also find it by clicking on the "Daily Decisions" blue button below.

Updated on 10/31/22 12 pm EST

FMCSA Position on Aggressive Telemarketing

FMCSA will not call you immediately after you submit your application for registration.  However, FMCSA publicly displays motor carrier contact information (name, address, phone number) in accordance with the Government's Open Data Policy and USDOT's commitment in its Open Government Plan. This includes displaying contact information for all existing carriers registered with FMCSA and for all future applicants. Once this information becomes publicly available, please note that you may be contacted by private businesses and/or vendors.

While FMCSA requires evidence of financial responsibility and a process agent for many entities, the U.S. Government does not endorse and generally does not require the use of private businesses or vendors. FMCSA will not contact regulated entities through telemarketers or "robo-call" automated solicitations, nor will we request a credit card number or charge a fee for our downloadable forms.  Please report aggressive or misleading telemarketers that pose as FMCSA or USDOT at: 

If you need assistance with your registration, please contact FMCSA by calling 1-800-832-5660.


Last updated: Friday, January 20, 2023