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Designate the search settings below to generate a list of authorized passenger carriers that (1) operate a specified type of vehicle, and (2) have a principal place of business (home office) in a specified State or Zip Code.

The list of passenger carriers on this website is based upon the State or Zip Code of each carrier’s principal place of business. The list may not include a carrier that provides transportation services in a specific State or Zip Code if the carrier has its principal place of business in a different State or Zip Code. The list should not be seen as a comprehensive list of companies providing passenger transportation to an area. To research the safety history of any specific passenger carrier, click here and then enter the company name or USDOT number.

Before hiring a company you should always check the company’s registration and insurance status to verify the company is allowed to operate. Passenger carriers offering trips for-compensation across state lines in interstate commerce must be registered. To obtain and retain operating authority registration, for-hire non-exempt passenger carriers are required to keep evidence of financial responsibility on file with FMCSA. Current registration information is available on the company’s safety webpage. Specific insurance information is available through the “L&I” link on that webpage.

This website does not include companies that are not subject to federal regulatory oversight or companies that have not registered with FMCSA. Please contact the State oversight agency for safety related information about passenger carriers that operate wholly within a State.

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