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Research Safety Online

You can research online to find a bus company’s DOT number and the same safety information. In addition, you can review bus company safety ratings, as detailed below.

Safety Rating

If you’re researching bus safety online, you can also view a safety rating. This is FMCSA's assessment of the company's safety management and performance:

  • Satisfactory is the highest rating, and indicates a bus company is operating in accordance with federal safety requirements.
  • Conditional means that a bus company has some recorded violations – but may operate. You should review information under the safety categories (BASICs) to learn more about the company’s performance history.
  • Unsatisfactory – bus companies with unsatisfactory safety ratings are generally not allowed to operate – and should be reported to FMCSA if they are operating.
  • Bus companies without safety ratings have not yet had their operations evaluated by FMCSA.
  • If you learn a bus company you’re considering has an “Unsatisfactory” safety rating, has been placed out of service, or doesn’t have operating authority, it’s should not be operating – report to FMCSA that it is still in operation.
Updated: Thursday, July 12, 2018
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