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Safety Programs

Safety Training Programs include all Commercial Vehicle Safety and Criminal Interdiction Training as well as instructor development training for federal and state commercial motor vehicle enforcement trainers.  Safety Programs also manages the Federal Academy and trains all newly-hired FMCSA Safety Investigators and Border Inspectors.  95% of NTC’s 20,000 annual student contacts are state law enforcement partners and are served through the Safety Programs branch.​ 

Specific training courses include:


  • Cargo Tank Inspection (CTI)
  • Cargo Tank Facility Review (CTFR)
  • General Hazardous Materials (GHM)
  • Other Bulk Packaging (OBP)


  • Advanced Drug and Alcohol Investigative Techniques 
  • Commercial Enforcement and Consumer Protection (CECP)
  • Electronic Mobile Mapping Technology (EMMT) Investigative Basics 
  • Electronic Mobile Mapping Technology (EMMT) Roadside Basics
  • Enforcement Procedures-Investigative 
  • Enforcement Procedures-Roadside 
  • Investigative Safety Analysis  (ISA)
  • New Entrant Safety Audit Course (NESA)
  • Skill Performance Evaluation (SPE)


  • North American Standard - Part A (NAS A)
  • North American Standard - Part A (NAS B)
  • Large Truck and Bus Traffic Enforcement (LTBTE)
  • Passenger Vehicle Inspection (PVI)


  • Instructor Development
  • Master Instructor Development 
  • Large Truck and Bus Traffic Enforcement Train-the-Trainer 


  • Agency-Industry Orientation
  • Basic Investigative Techniques (BIT)
  • Interviewing and Investigative Techniques
  • Personal Safety
Updated: Wednesday, October 19, 2016
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