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Truck and Bus Traffic Enforcement

Many preventable crashes result from an illegal or unsafe driver behavior, such as speeding, distracted driving, or following too closely. Research has consistently shown highly visible traffic enforcement will deter drivers from such behaviors. However, law enforcement officers assigned with traffic enforcement responsibilities are often reluctant to conduct a vehicle stop of a large truck or motorcoach. This reluctance is grounded in both a lack of knowledge and skills relating to these types of vehicle stops and a level of comfort which often comes with experience.

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CMV Traffic Safety Facts Sheet

CMV Safety Belt Facts

Training Materials

To address the lack of knowledge and skills, FMCSA has created a Truck and Bus Traffic Enforcement Training program. Developed by the National Training Center in collaboration with law enforcement, the training is designed to enhance officers’ knowledge about the dangers of unsafe driving by large trucks and buses. The training is available free to all law enforcement agencies and officer, and formatted to be delivered either on line, as a one hour, instructor-led training or divided into short segments for delivery during roll-call.

Classroom Curriculum

For delivery of the two hour officer training course in a formal classroom environment, the complete training package formatted as a PDF is available here: Classroom Version.  For your convenience, we have also provided a hyperlink to each video within the PDF so you are able to view videos by simply clicking on the link.

Online Curriculum

Individual officers with an internet connection can access the full online version of this course, which is 66,637 KB and takes approximately 2-3 minutes to download.

(Slide 1 thru 87) 66,637 KB

Roll Call Curriculum

Below are the CMV Traffic Enforcement Training Roll Call format individual segments. To access each segment, click the Title below.

To save the files as PDF: With the file open, Click on the Disk Icon (near the top middle of the slide), the save dialog box opens, change the file name, and save to your computer.


Instructor Curriculum

FMCSA: Associate trainers are available to deliver the Truck and Bus Traffic Enforcement Train-the-Trainer course. To schedule the four hour train-the-trainer course provided by the National Training Center (NTC), follow the instructions in the Course Schedule Form for course NTC # 48162 (Instructor Training).

Current Courses Offering:

Instructor Guide

Instructors are not required nor is it necessary to receive the Truck and Bus Traffic Enforcement Train-the-Trainer course prior to delivering the one hour officer level training. The Instructor Guide is designed to be used with the classroom version of the Large Truck and Bus Traffic Enforcement training. It contains instructor notes and guidance for delivering the training and can be downloaded here: Instructor Guide. (1.45 MB) 

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Updated: Thursday, March 1, 2018
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