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National Training Center
1310 N. Courthouse Road, Suite 600
Arlington, VA 22201-2508
703.235.0501 (main)
877.561.1787 (fax)
Ron Crampton, Director703.235.0501
David Ridgley, Operations Manager703.235.0626
Margie Rodriguez McQueen, Safety Programs Manager202.657.2827
James “Ed” Bennett, Federal Training Programs Manager703.235.0502
Vacant, Funds Manager 
Federal Employee Professional Development
Lisa Wade, Professional Development Training Manager703.235.1414
Curriculum Management
Ben Werner, Senior Instructional Systems Designer703.235.0511
DOT Learns Administrator
Jeanette Staton, Training Specialist703.235.0506
Federal Academy
Cheryl Bonham, Program Manager678.218.9143
Safety Programs
Melissa Townsend, Training Specialist / Hazardous Materials443.695.9007
Francisco "Frank" Rosales, Training Specialist / Roadside760.792.9576
Vacant, Training Specialist /Drug Interdiction Assistance Program (DIAP) 
James “Cody” Smid, Training Specialist / Drug Interdiction Assistance Program (DIAP)202.295.7729
Program Support

Course Contacts

Roadside Courses
  • North American Standard Part A (NAS A)
  • North American Standard Part B (NAS B)
  • Passenger Vehicle Inspection (PVI)
Hazardous Materials Courses
  • Cargo Tank Inspection (CTI)
  • General Hazardous Materials (GHM)
  • Other Bulk Package Inspection (OBP)
Audits & Investigations Courses
  • Cargo Tank Facility Review (CTFR)
  • Investigation and Safety Analysis (ISA)
  • EMMT Roadside Basics
  • EMMT Investigative Techniques
  • New Entrant Safety Audit (NESA)
  • New Entrant Safety Audit Workshop (NESA-W)
  • Enforcement Procedures (EP)
  • Roadside Enforcement (RE)
  • Skill Performance Evaluation (SPE)
  • Household Goods (HHG)
  • Household Goods (HHG) Supplemental
  • Drug and Alcohol (D&A)
Updated: Thursday, December 6, 2018
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