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Transportation and Cargo Solutions SA De CV Corrective Action Letter




General #3

Can Carrier provide a complete accident register of recordable accidents? 
Carrier cmv vehicle accident 12/06/2012

Response: TRACSO has addressed the issue on recordable accidents. As a corrective action written procedure TQI 7.5 5-19 "Control de Accidentes" was implemented on how driver reports accident to dispatch and then dispatch to Insurance Co. and compliance manager. Traffic and compliance manager supervise recording of accident.

Driver #1

Does the carrier maintain complete driver qualification files? 
PASA Pilot Program 7 DQ files checked. DQ files are incomplete with missing documents. Part 391.21(a) Incomplete employment application; Part 40.25(b) - missing D&A history. 
Driver name: 
Trip date: 4/22/2013

Response: Driver has been working for TRACSO since at that time we did not ask previous employer for previous positive result on drug test, TRACSO implemented an enhanced employment application on April 26th 2010; Procedure TQP-6.2. 1-1 "Contratacion de Personal" and form "Solicitud de Referencias Laborales" TF-6.2.1-2 with Drug and Alcohol history and this question was added. All driver files from this date on require D&A history. HR manager is responsible for the supervision and monitoring of this process as establish on TQP-6.2. 1-1

Operation #13

Does the carrier adhere to a disciplinary policy for noncompliance with Part 395.

Response: TRACSO ensure that drivers receive training regarding hours of service and how to complete driver log. Traffic manager supervises that all drivers complete properly the log books. Drivers not complying with properly completeness of log book are subject to sanctions specified on TRACSO's Hours of Service Disciplinary Policy (TQFS.2.4-37 Normas de TRACSO).

Operation #16 - Section 392.9(a)(1) Critical

Does the carrier ensure that drivers are not permitted to drive a vehicle without the cargo properly distributed and adequately secured? 
Driver incident loss intermodal container onto roadway due to improper securement of container to chassis. 
Trip date: 9/28/2012

Response: TRACSO understand the importance of cargo securement and will not require or allow a driver to move a shipment unless he performs an inspection of cargo properly distributed and secured as is specified on Part 393. To avoid recurrence TRACSO provides training "Amarre y Distribucion de la Carga" (Registro TF-6.2.2-4) to drivers on methods and procedures for securing cargo.


Dunstano Perez-Compliance Mg.

Updated: Friday, March 28, 2014
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