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Regulatory Guidance

Welcome to the FMCSA Guidance Portal. This web portal is a searchable, indexed database that contains and links to all guidance documents in effect from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The guidance documents lack the force and effect of law, unless expressly authorized by statute or incorporated into a contract.

To comment on any guidance document, or to request issuance, reconsideration, modification, or rescission of any guidance document in accordance with 49 CFR 5.41, send your request to: Please identify the guidance document in your request.

Subject Agency Identifier Sort ascending Topic Issued Date
Qualifications of Drivers; Diabetes Standard, 83 FR 47486 (Sept. 19, 2018) FR-83FR47486.2018.09.19 Driver Physical Qualification Standard for Insulin-Treated Diabetes
Regulatory Guidance Concerning the Issuance of Commercial Learner’s Permits FR-82FR36101.2017.08.03 Issuance of Commercial Learner’s Permits
Medical Examiner’s Certification Integration, 80 FR 22790 (Apr. 23, 2015) FR-80FR22790.2015.04.23 Medical Advisory Criteria for Driver Physical Qualification Standards
Regulatory Guidance Concerning Crashes Involving Vehicles Striking Attenuator Trucks Deployed at Construction Sites FR-80FR15913.2015.03.26 Definition of Accident
Tank Vehicle Definition FR-77FR30919.2012.05.24 Tank Vehicle Definition
Regulatory Guidance on the Designation of Steerable Rear Axle Operators (Tillermen) as Drivers of Commercial Motor Vehicles, 76 Fed. Reg. 32327 FR-76FR32327.2011.06.06 49 CFR 383.3 and 390.5
Question 2: Is it the intent of § 396.9 to allow "out of service" vehicles to be towed? FMCSA-VM-396.9-Q002 Vehicle inspections
Question 1: Under what conditions may a vehicle that has been placed ‘‘out of service’’ under § 396.3 be moved? FMCSA-VM-396.9-Q001 Vehicle inspections
Question 2: § 396.3(b)(4) refers to a record of tests. What tests are required of push-out windows and emergency door lamps on buses? FMCSA-VM-396.3Q002 Vehicle inspection, repair and maintenance
Question 5: Where must vehicle inspection and maintenance records be retained if a vehicle is not housed or maintained at a single location? FMCSA-VM-396.3-Q005 Vehicle inspection, repair and maintenance