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FAQ - Safety

Q1: How will the pilot, control and intrastate drivers be evaluated for safety under the pilot?

A1: FMCSA will collect the following information from each participating covered and control group driver during the pilot program:

  • Any crashes in which the driver was involved;
  • Any traffic citations or warnings received while driving a CMV; and
  • Any violations or warnings listed on a CMV inspection report when the participating driver was operating the vehicle.

Q2:  If a motor carrier or driver is not complying with the standards set forth by FMCSA, what action will the FMCSA take?

A2: Safety is FMCSA’s number one priority. If at any time during the pilot program, a motor carrier or driver is not complying with the standards, FMCSA may remove the motor carrier and/or driver from the pilot program.

Last updated: Monday, November 5th, 2018