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MRB Task Statement 20-1 Test Questions 4-27-2020

Medical Review Board (MRB)
Task Statement 20-1 


I. Task Title 

Recommendations to the Agency on the review of new National Registry Medical Examiner Certification examination questions.

II. Background

Previously, FMCSA convened a panel of Medical Examiner (ME) expert representatives of the four major professions that represent MEs to develop the initial medical examiner certification test forms. These professions are the following:  physicians (Medical Doctors (M.D.) and Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)); physician assistants (PA); Advanced Practice Nurses (APRN); and chiropractors (D.C.). These panelists were familiar with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) governing driver physical qualifications, knowledgeable of the role of the commercial motor vehicle (CMV) driver, and skilled in performing medical examinations of CMV drivers. FMCSA held quarterly meetings with the ME experts where they drafted and revised future questions for the test bank, ensuring that each was linked strongly to the intended topic.  

FMCSA is developing a new contract to provide technical services for FMCSA’s Medical Programs Division to support the National Registry certification test implementation with test development, analysis, reporting, and consultation. FMCSA’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and representatives of the Office of Chief Counsel have reviewed the test item bank of 2,400 questions. As part of this review, the team eliminated many outdated and duplicative items, leaving 450 questions to be used in the development of new tests. In addition, FMCSA has written 100 new test questions.

III. Task

FMCSA asks that the MRB review and recommend edits, elimination, and/or approval of these 100 newly developed questions. If recommended for approval, the Agency will consider adding these questions to the current item bank of 450 questions to produce new tests for circulation. As part of this review, FMCSA asks the MRB members to develop any questions they deem appropriate for inclusion in the test bank and bring them to the meeting for discussion.

IV. Estimated Time to Complete Task:  Given the proprietary nature of these questions, the MRB should deliberate during its closed April 27, 2020, meeting and submit its recommendations to the Agency before its fall meeting.

V.  FMCSA Technical Representatives 

* Joseph Sentef, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, (423) 595-2081
* Christine A. Hydock, Chief, Medical Programs Division, (202) 366-4001




Last updated: Friday, April 24, 2020