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Commercial Driver's License

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Employer Notification Services by State

Motor carriers, do you have drivers licensed in a State that has an Employer Notification Service (ENS)? 

An ENS is a program that automatically sends updates to the requestor when a driver’s license status changes, there is a crash, and-or a conviction is posted to the driver’s record....

Motor Carriers


Motor carriers account for 64% of the total weight of freight moved as illustrated in our 2017 Pocket Guide to Large Truck and Bus Statistics.  Throughout the years, that percentage has steadily increased and we expect it to continue.

Today, commercial...


Under 21 Military CDL Pilot Program

Federal Register Notice(s)

Federal Register Notice(s)

Commercial Driver's Licenses; Proposed Pilot Porgram to Allow Persons Between the Ages of 18 and 21 With Military Expereince to Operate Commercail Motor Vehicles in Interstate Commerce 



This section provides links to different forms of outreach on or relating to the Under 21 Pilot program being implemented by FMCSA.

Case Study/Beta Test of Updated Model Motorcoach Curriculum

.auto-style1 { text-align: center; } Goal:To beta test and refine the updated model motorcoach driver curriculum previously developed for the Agency.Background:Draft versions of an updated model motorcoach driver curriculum were developed for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (...