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Crash Preventability Demonstration Program - Not Preventable Determinations

Input from the Public

The opportunity to collect information from other parties is critical to determining the impacts and costs of this demonstration program. During the demonstration program, if a crash review results in a preliminary determination that the crash was not preventable, the Agency will publish the crash report number, U.S. DOT number, motor carrier name, crash event date, crash event State and crash type on its DataQs website.

Any member of the public with documentation or data to refute the proposed determination has 30 days to submit the documentation through the DataQs system at Information on how to submit additional documentation is available at

Any new documents or data will be reviewed and considered before FMCSA makes a final determination. Final determinations will be published on the Safety Measurement System (SMS) within 60 days of the final decision.

However, based on feedback from some stakeholders, the Agency recognizes that some parties involved in the crash might not be able to provide input within 30 days. The Agency will maintain a list of final not preventable determinations on this website. This list will be updated monthly. If at any time during this demonstration program a party has information and documentation to refute this determination, FMCSA will accept that information at Therefore, determinations may be revised after consideration of this additional information.

Final Not Preventable Demonstration Program Determinations

For more information on the Crash Preventability Demonstration Program, please visit:

Last updated: Monday, April 2, 2018