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Speed Limiters Notice of Intent

The National Roadway Safety Strategy identified speed as a significant factor in fatal crashes and speed management as a primary tool to reduce serious injuries and fatalities. 

FMCSA understands operating at a safe speed is essential for safe operations and acknowledges the commercial motor vehicle (CMV) industry currently leverages this technology to increase driver and public safety. Most original equipment manufacturers (OEM) have been installing electronic engine control units (ECUs) in CMVs since 2003. The vast majority of CMVs in operation today are equipped with ECUs. 

FMCSA is moving forward with this rulemaking because of concerns about the number of CMV crashes and fatalities traveling at high speeds. In 2019, there were 860 fatal crashes in areas with posted speed limits of 70 to 75 miles per hour. Twenty-four fatal crashes in areas with posted speed limits between 80 to 85 miles per hour. Approximately 20 percent of fatal crashes occur in areas with posted speed limits in these ranges. The rule will help reduce crashes and save lives on our nation’s roadways.

The Notice of Intent (NOI) announces FMCSA’s commitment to proceed with a supplemental rulemaking proposal and request public comments on the issue. FMCSA is pursuing a carrier-based approach rather than the OEM approach used in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s and FMCSA’s jointly issued Notice of Proposed Rulemaking published in September 2016. 

The forthcoming rulemaking, if adopted, would impose speed limitations on certain CMVs that operate in interstate commerce. The NOI is not proposing a maximum speed nor does it propose regulatory text or estimates of the costs or safety benefits. FMCSA is requesting public comments on the programming or adjustment of ECUs that could be made to impose speed limits on CMVs to support the preparation of a supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking.

More information is available in the Parts and Accessories Necessary for Safe Operations; Speed Limiting Devices Notice of Intent [Docket No. FMCSA-2022-0004].

Speed Limiters Notice of Intent (FAQs)