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Implementation Timeline

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The ELD rule is being implemented in three phases:

12/16/2015 ELD  Final Rule Published. Phase 1: Awareness and Transition Phase - Voluntary use of ELDs; 12/18/2017 ELD Final Rule Compliance Date. Phase 2: Phase-In Compliance Phase - Mandatory use of ELDs with existing ABORDs grandfathered for 2 years; 12/16/2019 Mandatory Use of ELDs - Phase 3: Full Compliance Phase

The following table illustrates the different devices that can be used during each phase:

 ELDAOBRDLogging SoftwarePaper
Phase 1 
Phase 2   
Phase 3    

Phase 1:  Awareness and Transition Phase: The two-year period following publication of the ELD rule February 16, 2016 to December 18, 2017.

During this time, carriers and drivers subject to the rule should prepare to comply, and may voluntarily use ELDs.

Carriers and drivers subject to the rule can use any of the following for records of duty status (RODS):

  • Paper logs
  • Logging software
  • AOBRDs (Automatic On Board Recording Devices)
  • ELDs that are self-certified and registered with FMCSA

Phase 2: Phased-In Compliance Phase: The two-year period from the Compliance Date to the Full Compliance Phase (four years following ELD rule publication) December 18, 2017 to December 16, 2019.

Carriers and drivers subject to the rule can use:

Phase 3: Full Compliance Phase: After December 16, 2019 all drivers and carriers subject to the rule must use self-certified ELDs that are registered with FMCSA.

Updated: Thursday, August 31, 2017
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