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ELD Compliance Test Procedure

Table of Contents

Electronic Logging Device (ELD)Test Plan and Procedures

  1. Introduction
  2. Testing Procedures
  3. Technical Testing Approach
  4. Requirements Traceability Matrix
  5. Startup Procedure

Chapter 1

    1.1 ELD Test Procedures – Accounts
    1.2 ELD Test Procedures – Inputs
    1.3 ELD Test Procedures – Vehicle Interface

Chapter 2

    2.1 ELD Test Procedures – Processing
    2.2 ELD Test Procedures – Monitoring
    2.3 ELD Test Procedures – Recording

Chapter 3

    3.1 ELD Test Procedures – Outputs
    3.2 ELD Test Procedures – Data Transfer

Compliance Test Procedure Webinar

A Compliance Test Procedure Webinar was recorded on February 25, 2016. The purpose of the webinar is to assist manufactures with performing the compliance test procedures by providing clarification to the various components of the compliance test procedures.

Click here to access the February 25, 2016 Compliance Test Procedure Webinar

Compliance Test Procedure Follow-up Webinar

A follow-up compliance test procedure webinar was recorded in May 2016. This webinar references the revised compliance test procedures posted on March 30, 2016, this webinar also answers questions that were asked during the February 25, 2016 Compliance Test Procedure webinar.

Click here to access the May 2016 Compliance Test Procedure Follow-up Webinar.

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