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ELD Registration and Certification

NOTE: This guidance was rescinded on March 10, 2022, and is no longer in effect.  Please see revised guidance FMCSA-ELD-Registration-and-Certification-FAQs(2022-03-10).




Q1. When will electronic logging device (ELD) system suppliers be able to start registering their ELDs with FMCSA?

. Since February 16, 2016, ELD system suppliers have been able to self-certify and register devices with the FMCSA through the following link:

Q2. What happens if a registered device listed on FMCSA’s website is later found not to meet the technical specifications in the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) rule?

. The ELD rule includes a procedure to remove a listed registered device from the FMCSA website, to provide additional assurance to motor carriers that ELDs on the vendor registration website are compliant. This procedure also protects an ELD vendor’s interest in its product.

Q3. What is the procedure to remove a listed certified electronic logging device (ELD) from FMCSA’s website?

FMCSA may initiate removal of an ELD model or version from the list in accordance with section 5.4 in the ELD rule, by providing written notice to the ELD provider stating:

  1. The reasons the FMCSA proposes to remove the model or version from the FMCSA list; and
  2. Any corrective action that the ELD provider must take for the ELD model or version to remain on the list.

Q4. Is the electronic logging device (ELD) vendor/manufacturer required to notify motor carriers if a device is removed from FMCSA’s ELD registration list because it was determined to be noncompliant?

No, ELD vendors/manufacturers are not required to notify motor carriers if a device has been removed from the ELD registration list. However, FMCSA will maintain on its website a list of devices that are removed from the list, and will make every effort to ensure that industry is aware.

Q5. What happens if an electronic logging device (ELD) is found to be non-compliant after it is in use?

As a motor carrier, you will have 8 days from notification to replace your noncompliant device with a compliant one. This is the same time allowed to take action on ELDs that need to be repaired, replaced, or serviced. In the event of a widespread issue, FMCSA will work with affected motor carriers to establish a reasonable timeframe for replacing non-compliant devices with ELDs that meet the requirements.

Regulatory Topic: ELD Guidance
Last updated: Monday, April 9, 2018