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Regulatory Guidance

Welcome to the FMCSA Guidance Portal. This web portal is a searchable, indexed database that contains and links to all guidance documents in effect from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The guidance documents lack the force and effect of law, unless expressly authorized by statute or incorporated into a contract.

To comment on any guidance document, or to request issuance, reconsideration, modification, or rescission of any guidance document, please identify the guidance document in your request and send it to: NOTE: The FMCSAguidance mailbox is not intended to serve as a mailbox for general inquiries. For inquiries that go beyond the limited purpose of the FMCSAguidance mailbox, please call FMCSA's Information Line (800-832-5660) or visit FMCSA's "Contact Us" page to send your inquiry to the appropriate mailbox.

Subject Agency Identifier Topic Issued Date
What is the responsibility of the carrier and driver pertaining to electronic logging device (ELD) diagnostic events or malfunctions that do not interfere with the accurate recording of hours of service? What would the documentation requirements be in... FMCSA-ELD-395-Q047(2022-03-10) ELD Guidance
ELD Malfunctions and Data Diagnostic Events FAQs FMCSA-ELD-Malfunctions-Data-Diagnostics-FAQs(2022-03-10) ELD Guidance
In 49 CFR part 395, subpart B, Appendix A Table 6, Event Type 3, it lists “Driver indication for PC, YM, and WT cleared.” What does WT refer to? FMCSA-ELD-395-Q068(2022-03-10) ELD Guidance
In an electronic logging device (ELD) with multiple components, which component must generate the event identifier sequence number? FMCSA-ELD-395-Q080(2022-03-10) ELD Guidance
How should the Time Zone Offset from UTC handle daylight savings time? FMCSA-HOS-ELD-TECH-395-FAQ26(2022-03-10) ELD Guidance
May a motor carrier seeking to extend the period of time permitted for repair, replacement, or service of one or more electronic logging devices (ELDs) request an extension? FMCSA-ELD-395-Q030(2022-03-10) ELD Guidance
What data does the electronic logging device (ELD) need to log when there is an unidentified driver? FMCSA-ELD-395-Q050(2022-03-10) ELD Guidance
Can a driver have more than one user account? FMCSA-ELD-395-Q032(2022-03-10) ELD Guidance
How should “odometer jumps,” caused by a driver unplugging the electronic logging device (ELD) from the electronic control module (ECM), be captured? FMCSA-ELD-395-Q053(2022-03-10) ELD Guidance
Is there a requirement to indicate odometer or positioning at the beginning and end of a Yard Move category? FMCSA-ELD-395-Q072(2022-03-10) ELD Guidance