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Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program Grant - Application, Evaluation, and Approval

To aid the MCSAP lead agency in meeting CVSP requirements, FMCSA developed an online CVSP development tool (called eCVSP).  The eCVSP tool allows a MCSAP lead agency to create an online electronic CVSP and track the progress of the CVSP from development through approval.  Use of the eCVSP tool helps ensure that States satisfy the CVSP requirements in 49 CFR § 350.213, expedites FMCSA’s review of the document, facilitates the prompt returning of comments or requests for clarification, and allows the MCSAP lead agency to easily resubmit a revised document.

In accordance with 49 U.S.C. § 31102 and grant/financial management requirements in 2 CFR part 200, each CVSP receives a fair, equitable and objective review prior to approval.  This review is conducted to ensure that applicable statutory and regulatory requirements will be met and allowable CVSP projects and activities will succeed.  The CVSP review process generally consists of a review in the following areas:

  1. Application Review.  The FMCSA reviews the CVSP and all supplemental attachments (e.g., certifications) for completeness and to ensure that the MCSAP lead agency meets the basic eligibility requirements defined in the Notice Of Funding Availability and 49 CFR part 350.
  2. Programmatic Review.  The FMCSA reviews the CVSP to make sure that the information presented is reasonable and understandable and the activities proposed in the application are measurable, achievable, and consistent with program or legislative requirements.
  3. Financial Review.  The FMCSA evaluates the fiscal integrity and financial capability of a MCSAP lead agency, and reviews the CVSP details, including the budget and budget narrative, and any other documentation to examine costs for proposed project/program activities to determine if they appear to be reasonable, necessary, eligible and allocable for award.  Approval of the CVSP is not a final approval of costs as defined in accordance with 2 CFR part 200 Subpart E (Cost Principles).
  4. Suitability Review The FMCSA conducts a review in accordance with 2 CFR § 200.205.  Additional information on this review is discussed in more detail in the MCSAP Comprehensive Policy (MCP), Chapter 7.3.

During the review process, FMCSA may request additional information from the State lead agency; however, FMCSA will not withhold CVSP approval for minor, administrative matters or requests for simple clarification to help illustrate the performance-based CVSP under 49 CFR § 350.213.  FMCSA reserves withholding of CVSP approval for those items that would jeopardize the ability of the MCSAP lead agency to meet the requirements in 49 CFR § 350.201 or if the MCSAP lead agency fails to include the items required in the CVSP under 49 CFR § 350.213.

See the MCSAP Comprehensive Policy (MCP) for additional information regarding this topic.