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Medical Examiner’s Handbook 2024 Edition

NOTE: The January 2024 edition of the Medical Examiner’s Handbook replaces all previous handbook editions. Medical examiners should not rely on previously published editions of the handbook, including any drafts available on FMCSA’s Medical Review Board website, as a source of Agency guidance....

Qualifications of Drivers; Vision Standard, 87 FR 3390 (Jan. 21, 2022)

NOTE:  This guidance revises the guidance published at 80 FR 22790 (April 23, 2015) and 83 FR 47486 (September 19, 2018) (FMCSA-FR-80FR22790.2015.04.23 and FMCSA-FR-83FR47486.2018.09.19, respectively), effective March 22, 2022. Please see revised guidance FMCSA-MED-391.41-Q3(2022-01-21)....

Where can I find the 2015 OSA Bulletin?

NOTE:  This guidance was rescinded on January 22, 2024, and is no longer in effect.  See FMCSA-FR-89FR3892(2024-01-22).

FMCSA-MED-Sleep Apnea-FAQ001

Bulletin on Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Section § 391.41(b)(5): Driver...

§391.2 General exemptions

§391.2 General exemptions.

Guidance Q&A

Question 1: Must exempt intracity zone (see §390.5) drivers comply with the medical requirements of this subpart?

Guidance: No, provided: a. the driver was otherwise qualified and operating in a municipality or exempt intracity...

Medical Qualification FAQ – Waivers – Q1

 Medical Qualification FAQ – Waivers – Q1


FAQ1: Will Canadian drivers with limb impairments be required to obtain a waiver from FMCSA...