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Safety Tips for Pedestrians

As a pedestrian, you are at a disadvantage when crossing streets, intersections, and standing on corners. You are not always visible to drivers—especially those behind the wheel of a large truck or bus—and you must be cautious at all times. Here are some safety tips that can keep you safe when walking from one destination to another.

Watch Your Walkways

Walk on sidewalks and in crosswalks whenever possible. Pay attention to walk signals and keep a safe distance when standing on street corners. Trucks and buses make wide right turns and occasionally run up onto the corner of the sidewalk so you must always be alert and prepared to move back.

Be Aware of the No-Zone (Blind Spots)

Be careful of the blind spots—or no-zones—around trucks and buses when walking near them. Always assume the driver does not see you and take extra caution. Never walk behind a truck while it is backing up; truck drivers cannot see directly behind the truck and you could be at risk.

Stopping Distances

Use caution when crossing intersections and streets. A driver may not see you or may not have enough time to stop. Remember, trucks, cars, motorcycles and bicycles all have different stopping capabilities. Trucks need much more space to stop than passenger vehicles. 

Make Yourself Visible

Wear bright or reflective clothing in order to be seen by drivers, especially when walking at night.

Watch for Wide Loads

Trucks with wide loads have very limited visibility and difficulty maneuvering. Wide loads are often much heavier and take up a lot of space on the road. Be aware when walking near a truck with a wide load because the driver may not see you. Trucks with wide loads make even wider right turns, require more space, and take even longer to stop than other trucks on the road. Remember to keep your distance when walking around these large trucks.