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CMVRTC: Drivers Ignoring Out-of-Service Orders at Inspection Stations


Project Goal:

Explore the use of cameras with DOT number readers and/or license plate readers (LPRs) and time stamps positioned to cover inspection station exits to capture drivers/trucks jumping OOS orders. Provide data for enforcement follow-up.


Sometimes, drivers are issued an OOS order at an inspection station but leave the station without remedying the problem. They can do this when enforcement personnel are not paying close attention or after the station closes and personnel leave the premises. It is not known how prevalent this is or whether it is a safety problem.


To assess the issue, cameras would be installed at the exits of high-volume inspection stations. When a CMV under an OOS order leaves, a record of this would be made. Signage would be installed that indicates very clearly that the cameras are present and are being used to monitor drivers ignoring OOS orders.

These data would be examined for timing (Was the driver required to rest and left too early? Did the driver leave shortly after the station closed?) and any other potential flags that could lead to a follow up with the carrier. A follow up could verify when/whether required repairs were made or whether there are discrepancies with the driver's hours of service.