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  • § 379.1
  • § 379.3
    Records required to be retained.
  • § 379.5
    Protection and storage of records.
  • § 379.7
    Preservation of records.
  • § 379.9
    Companies going out of business.
  • § 379.11
    Waiver of requirements of the regulations in this part.
  • § 379.13
    Disposition and retention of records.
  • Appendix A to Part 379
    Schedule of Records and Periods of Retention

Part 379

§ 379.1: Applicability.

(a) The preservation of record rules contained in this part shall apply to the following:

(1) Motor carriers and brokers;

(2) Water carriers; and

(3) Household goods freight forwarders.

(b) This part applies also to the preservation of accounts, records and memoranda of traffic associations, weighing and inspection bureaus, and other joint activities maintained by or on behalf of companies listed in paragraph (a) of this section.


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