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  • § 371.1
  • § 371.2
  • § 371.3
    Records to be kept by brokers.
  • § 371.7
  • § 371.9
    Rebating and compensation.
  • § 371.10
    Duties and obligations of brokers.
  • § 371.13
  • § 371.101
    If I operate as a household goods broker in interstate or foreign commerce, must I comply with subpart B of this part?
  • § 371.103
    What are the definitions of terms used in this subpart?
  • § 371.105
    Must I use a motor carrier that has a valid U.S. DOT number and valid operating authority issued by FMCSA to transport household goods in interstate or foreign commerce?
  • § 371.107
    What information must I display in my advertisements and Internet Web homepage?
  • § 371.109
    Must I inform individual shippers which motor carriers I use?
  • § 371.111
    Must I provide individual shippers with Federal consumer protection information?
  • § 371.113
    May I provide individual shippers with a written estimate?
  • § 371.115
    Must I maintain agreements with motor carriers before providing written estimates on behalf of these carriers?
  • § 371.117
    Must I provide individual shippers with my policies concerning cancellation, deposits, and refunds?
  • § 371.121
    What penalties may FMCSA impose for violations of this part?

Part 371

§ 371.1: Applicability.

This part applies, to the extent provided therein, to all brokers of transportation by motor vehicle as defined in § 371.2.

Citation: [32 FR 20034, Dec. 20, 1967, as amended at 62 FR 15421, Apr. 1, 1997]


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