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FMCSA Regulations and Interpretations – 49 CFR Parts 300-399

For a searchable, indexed database that contains and links to all guidance documents in effect from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, please visit FMCSA’s Guidance Portal. To view the latest eCFR version of FMCSA’s Regulations in 49 CFR Parts 300-399, click the link in the “eCFR Regulation Text” column. To search and browse regulations using the eCFR website, use the link below.

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Section eCFR Regulatory Text
367.20 Fees under the Unified Carrier Registration Plan and Agreement for each registration year until any subsequent adjustment in the fees becomes effective.
382.103 Applicability.
382.107 Definitions.
382.109 Preemption of State and local laws.
382.113 Requirement for notice.
382.115 Starting date for testing programs.
382.121 Employee admission of alcohol and controlled substances use.
382.205 On-duty use.
382.213 Controlled substance use.
382.301 Pre-employment testing.
382.303 Post-accident testing.
382.305 Random testing.
382.307 Reasonable suspicion testing.
382.309 Return-to-duty testing.
382.401 Retention of records.
382.403 Reporting of results in a management information system.
382.405 Access to facilities and records.
382.413 Inquiries for alcohol and controlled substances information from previous employers.
382.501 Removal from safety-sensitive function.
382.503 Required evaluation and testing.
382.507 Penalties.
382.601 Employer obligation to promulgate a policy on the misuse of alcohol and use of controlled substances.
382.603 Training for supervisors.
382.605 Referral, evaluation, and treatment.
383.113 Required skills.
383.131 Test manuals.
383.133 Test methods.
383.153 Information on the CLP and CDL documents and applications.
383.21 Number of drivers' licenses.
383.23 Commercial driver's license.
383.3 Applicability.
383.31 Notification of convictions for driver violations.
383.33 Notification of driver's license suspensions.
383.37 Employer responsibilities.
383.5 Definitions.
383.51 Disqualification of drivers.
383.71 Driver application and certification procedures.
383.73 State procedures.
383.75 Third party testing.
383.77 Substitute for driving skills tests for drivers with military CMV experience.
383.91 Commercial motor vehicle groups.
383.93 Endorsements.
383.95 Restrictions.
384.209 Notification of traffic violations.
384.211 Surrender of old licenses.
384.231 Satisfaction of State disqualification requirement.
385.403 Who must hold a safety permit?
385.415 What operational requirements apply to the transportation of a hazardous material for which a permit is required?
386.1 Scope of the rules in this part.
387.1 Purpose and scope.
387.11 State authority and designation of agent.
387.15 Forms.
387.25 Purpose and scope.
387.27 Applicability.
387.3 Applicability.
387.31 Financial responsibility required.
387.39 Forms.
387.5 Definitions.
387.7 Financial responsibility required.
387.9 Financial responsibility, minimum levels.
390.15 Assistance in investigations and special studies.
390.17 Additional equipment and accessories.
390.21 Marking of self-propelled CMVs and intermodal equipment.
390.23 Relief from regulations.
390.3 General applicability.
390.5 Definitions.
390.9 State and local laws, effect on.
391.11 General qualifications of drivers.
391.15 Disqualification of drivers.
391.2 General exceptions.
391.21 Application for employment.
391.23 Investigation and inquiries.
391.25 Annual inquiry and review of driving record.
391.27 Record of violations.
391.31 Road test.
391.33 Equivalent of road test.
391.41 Physical qualifications for drivers.
391.43 Medical examination; certificate of physical examination.
391.45 Persons who must be medically examined and certified.
391.47 Resolution of conflicts of medical evaluation.
391.49 Alternative physical qualification standards for the loss or impairment of limbs.
391.51 General requirements for driver qualification files.
391.63 Multiple-employer drivers.
391.65 Drivers furnished by other motor carriers.
392.10 Railroad grade crossings; stopping required.
392.14 Hazardous conditions; extreme caution.
392.16 Use of seat belts.
392.3 Ill or fatigued operator.
392.5 Alcohol prohibition.
392.6 Schedules to conform with speed limits.
392.60 Unauthorized persons not to be transported.
392.9 Inspection of cargo, cargo securement devices and systems.
393.100 Which types of commercial motor vehicles are subject to the cargo securement standards of this subpart, and what general requirements apply?
393.102 What are the minimum performance criteria for cargo securement devices and systems?
393.106 What are the general requirements for securing articles of cargo?
393.11 Lamps and reflective devices.
393.17 Lamps and reflectors—combinations in driveaway-towaway operation.
393.201 Frames.
393.24 Requirements for head lamps, auxiliary driving lamps and front fog lamps.
393.25 Requirements for lamps other than head lamps.
393.28 Wiring systems.
393.40 Required brake systems.
393.41 Parking brake system.
393.42 Brakes required on all wheels.
393.43 Breakaway and emergency braking.
393.44 Front brake lines, protection.
393.48 Brakes to be operative.
393.51 Warning signals, air pressure and vacuum gauges.
393.52 Brake performance.
393.60 Glazing in specified openings.
393.61 Truck and truck tractor window construction.
393.62 Emergency exits for buses.
393.65 All fuel systems.
393.67 Liquid fuel tanks.
393.70 Coupling devices and towing methods, except for driveaway-towaway operations.
393.71 Coupling devices and towing methods, driveaway-towaway operations.
393.75 Tires.
393.76 Sleeper berths.
393.81 Horn.
393.82 Speedometer.
393.83 Exhaust systems.
393.87 Warning flags on projecting loads.
393.88 Television receivers.
393.89 Buses, driveshaft protection.
393.93 Seats, seat belt assemblies, and seat belt assembly anchorages.
395.1 Scope of rules in this part.
395.13 Drivers declared out of service.
395.15 Automatic on-board recording devices.
395.2 Definitions.
395.3 Maximum driving time for property-carrying vehicles.
395.5 Maximum driving time for passenger-carrying vehicles.
395.8 Driver's record of duty status.
396.11 Driver vehicle inspection report(s).
396.13 Driver inspection.
396.17 Periodic inspection.
396.19 Inspector qualifications.
396.21 Periodic inspection recordkeeping requirements.
396.23 Equivalent to periodic inspection.
396.25 Qualifications of brake inspectors.
396.3 Inspection, repair, and maintenance.
396.9 Inspection of motor vehicles and intermodal equipment in operation.
397.1 Application of the rules in this part.
397.13 Smoking.
397.5 Attendance and surveillance of motor vehicles.
397.7 Parking.
399.207 Truck and truck-tractor access requirements.