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Rulemaking Documents

Date Subject Part
06/27/2012 Change to FMCSA Policy on Calculating and Publicizing the Driver, Vehicle, and Hazardous Materials Out-of-Service Rates and Crash Rates 385
06/27/2012 Rescission of Quarterly Financial Reporting Requirements 369
06/20/2012 Transportation of Household Goods in Interstate Commerce; Consumer Protection Regulations 375
06/12/2012 Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance; Driver-Vehicle Inspection Report for Intermodal Equipment 390 396
06/11/2012 Notice of Final Revision to Guidance for the Use of Binding Arbitration Under the Administrative Dispute Resolution Act of 1996 386
06/06/2012 Regulatory Guidance on the Applicability of Property-Carrier Hours-of-Service Rules to the Driveaway Operation of Vehicles Designed to Transport Passengers 395
06/05/2012 Hours of Service of Drivers of Commercial Motor Vehicles; Regulatory Guidance for Oilfield Exception 395
06/04/2012 State Enforcement of Household Goods Consumer Protection 371 375 386 387
05/24/2012 Regulatory Guidance on Entering Data in an Automatic On-Board Recording Device While Commercial Motor Vehicle Is in Motion 395
05/24/2012 Commercial Driver's License Testing and Commercial Learner's Permit Standards 383 384 385

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