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Annual MIS Requirements: Do motor carriers need to report their drug and alcohol results to FMCSA every year?

Motor carriers submit MIS drug and alcohol reports to FMCSA upon FMCSA request.  Every motor carrier shall prepare and maintain their previous year’s drug and alcohol MIS report in a safe and secure location, with controlled access, and make them available for inspection when requested by authorized personnel. These records should be maintained for a period of 5 years.  See 49 CFR §382.403 for more information. Every year FMCSA randomly selects a group of motor carriers to report their MIS results. If you are selected, you will receive a notice with a username and password to file your previous year’s MIS drug and alcohol results online. If you are notified by FMCSA to report your previous year’s MIS results, you are required to formally submit your MIS drug and alcohol results to FMCSA.  See §382.403 reporting of alcohol and controlled substances testing program results in a management information systems. FMCSA expects a 100% response rate from motor carriers selected to report their previous year’s drug and alcohol testing results Motor carriers that don’t respond to the notice requesting submission of MIS results may be subject to civil penalties of up $1,000 dollars per day that the motor carrier fails to comply.

Last Updated : May 14, 2015