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Declaring State of Emergency to Prepare for Hurricane Irma 2017-20


State of South Carolina
Executive Department

Office of the Governor



WHEREAS, the National Hurricane Center has determined from forecast models that the State of South Carolina may be impacted by Hurricane Irma, which is currently a category 5 hurricane; and

WHEREAS, I have been advised that Hurricane Irma, and the associated wind, heavy rain, flash flooding, and severe weather, to include tornadoes, may pose a significant threat to the State of South Carolina and requires that the State take timely precautions to protect property, critical infrastructure, communities, and the general safety and welfare of the people of this State.

NOW, THEREFORE, by the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of South Carolina and pursuant to the Constitution and Laws of this State and the powers conferred upon me therein, effective at noon, September 6, 2017, I hereby declare that a State of Emergency exists in South Carolina. I direct that the South Carolina Emergency Operations Plan be placed into effect. I direct that all prudent preparations be taken at the individual, local, and state levels to protect against the possible effects of Hurricane Irma.

FURTHER, I hereby place specified units and/or personnel of the South Carolina National Guard on State Active Duty pursuant to my authority under section 25-1-1840 of the South Carolina Code of Laws, and I will do so by directing the Adjutant General to issue supplemental orders. I further order the activation of South Carolina National Guard personnel and the utilization of appropriate equipment at the discretion of the Adjutant General, in coordination with the Director of the South Carolina Emergency Management Division, to take necessary and prudent actions to assist the citizens of this State.

I also order Dual Status Command to allow the Adjutant General or is his designee to serve as commander over both federal (Title 10) and state forces (National Guard in Title 32 and/or State Active Duty status) as necessary.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that all licensing and registration requirements regarding private security personnel or companies who are contracted with South Carolina security comperes in protecting property and restoring essential services in South Carolina be suspended. and the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division ("SLED") shall initiate an emergency registration process for those personnel or companies for a period specified, and in a manner deemed appropriate, by the Chief of SLED. I also note that the prohibitions against price gouging stated in section 39-5-145 of the South Carolina Code of Laws are in effect due to the State of Emergency.

This Order shall take effect immediately. Further proclamations and directives deemed necessary to ensure the fullest protection of life and property during this State of Emergency shall be issued orally by me and thereafter reduced to writing within the succeeding 24-hour period. This State of Emergency shall remain in effect until rescinded or otherwise amended.


Secretary of State


Last updated: Friday, September 8, 2017