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Safety Impacts of Human-ADS Shared Driving

Project Goal:

Study the safety implications of interactions between humans and automated driving systems (ADSs) in emerging trucking operational scenarios.


As safety and automation technology advances, new concepts of "team driving" are developing Examples include a driver and an ADS in a single truck, or a platoon with a driver in 1st truck and a fully automated system in 2nd truck or a driver in 1st truck and remote operation of 2nd truck. The safety implications of these new interactions (interoperability) and effects of the automation need to be quantified and better understood to inform future policy decisions.


The activities in this 4-year project will include a literature search, a summary of the state of the technology, interviews with technology developers and fleets, and testing via simulation and live track exercises. Safety impacts of these shared driving scenarios will be quantified at the conclusion of the data collection and testing. These data will support FMCSA’s interests in the safe operation of automated CMVs and will be used to inform future policy decisions.


Virginia Tech Transportation Institute