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ACE Program: Establishment of FMCSA's Automated CMV Evaluation (ACE) Program

Project Goal:

The goal of this program is to develop and execute a testing program utilizing four research enabled, Level 2 automation capable, tractor-trailers to conduct research into the development and deployment of automated Commercial Motor Vehicles. This program will help FMCSA determine how best to enable the safe and timely deployment of these potentially life-saving technologies.


The vast number of new operational considerations across different automated CMV applications requires an extensive research program to evaluate necessary conditions and prerequisites for safe deployment of these vehicles. The ACE Program is designed to address a variety of research questions related to truck platooning and the operation of automated CMVs. FMCSA took ownership of three Class 8 tractors for use in the ACE program, and has partnered with FHWA to research the potential benefits of cooperative automation through use of the CARMA software.


This project will consist of the initial upfit of three Class 8 tractors to research vehicles capable of operating at SAE Level 2 automation, the development and refinement of an Automated Truck Safety Research Test Plan (ATSRP) and initial research into Cybersecurity. A draft hardware design document will be developed, which will be finalized once all vehicles have had necessary hardware (e.g., GPS, Lidar, Radar, cameras) and software (Autoware, CARMA) installed. Trucks will first be verified using basic Autoware functionality, and will later be accepted by the Government upon integration and calibration of the CARMA3 software. The ATSRP will be developed utilizing broad research areas and questions developed by FMCSA and determining a research plan to investigate each area utilizing the trucks in a comprehensive testing program. The Cybersecurity work will begin with identification of knowledge and research gaps and development of a potential test plan utilizing FMCSA's research tractors for cybersecurity testing.





Award of IAA, Task Order, and Kick-Off Meeting



Draft Hardware Design Specifications Delivered



Delivery of FMCSA's Automated Truck Safety Research Plan



First Truck Accepted with Basic Autoware Capability



All Trucks Accepted with Basic Autoware Capability



Testing of CARMA Applications



CARMA Applications fully deployed on Trucks




 Total Funding: $ 2,729,225.00