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Motorcoach Model Curriculum


To update the 1994 model curriculum for drivers who may or may not have obtained their commercial driver’s license (CDL) for the purpose of becoming a motorcoach driver.


This project builds on prior Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) research, in which FMCSA jointly developed the 1994 model curriculum with a sizable group of interested industry personnel. FMCSA has replicated that process to accomplish this update. The industry requested this update to create standardized driver training guidance.


This program was organized into four structured process sequences, including analysis, training design, training development, and possible future pilot testing. The first three sequences are part of Phase I of the project and are complete. The analysis began with a job task analysis to identify new items that are not covered in the existing 1994 curriculum. The development included periodic meetings with the industry technical group to explain progress and solicit suggestions and direction. The last sequence (possible future pilot testing) is part of Phase II of the project and may or may not be pursued dependent on funding availability.


Model curriculum and supporting materials that can easily be adopted by the many motorcoach companies that offer CDL driver training for candidate motorcoach drivers.


September 2012          Contract awarded to MaineWay Services
January 2013               Met with Bus Industry Safety Council (BISC) at 
                                     American Bus Association Convention.
June 2014                    Meeting of BISC
September 2014          Final curriculum




Draft of revised curriculum delivered September 2014.


MaineWay Services

Updated: Thursday, January 8, 2015
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