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Rulemaking Documents

Date Subject Part
02/17/1999 General Requirements Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance; Intermodal Container Chassis and Trailers 390
02/12/1999 Fees for Services Performed in Connection With Motor Carrier Registration and Insurance 360
12/30/1998 Global Positioning System (GPS) Technology; Extension of Application Date 395
12/14/1998 Hours of Service of Drivers 395
12/08/1998 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations; Waivers, Exemptions, and Pilot Programs; Rules and Procedures 381
11/10/1998 Safety Fitness Procedures 385
10/09/1998 Out-of-Service Criteria; Extension of Comment Period 395
08/27/1998 Public Meeting to Discuss the Development of In-Service Brake Performance Standards for Commercial Motor Vehicles Inspected With Performance-Based Brake Testers 393
08/27/1998 Public Meeting to Discuss the Development of the North American Standard for Protection Against Shifting or Falling Cargo 393
08/12/1998 Transportation of Household Goods; Consumer Protection Regulations 375

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