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Transportation of Hazardous Materials; Designated, Preferred, and Restricted Routes


This notice provides the current listing of all restricted, designated, and preferred road and highway routes for transporting radioactive (RAM) and non-radioactive hazardous materials (NRHM) that have been reported to the FMCSA by State and Indian Tribe routing agencies as of November 14, 2000. This listing has been extracted from the National Hazardous Material Route Registry (NHMRR). The information contained in this notice supersedes that published at 63 FR 31549 on June 9, 1998. The periodic updating and publishing of this listing is required by the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act of 1975 (HMTA), as amended (49 U.S.C. 5112). Also, the FMCSA's regulations include Federal standards and procedures which the States and Indian Tribes must follow if they establish, maintain, or enforce routing designations that: (1) Specify highway routes over which NRHM or RAM may, or may not, be transported within their jurisdictions; and/or (2) impose limitations or requirements with respect to highway routing of NRHM or RAM. States and Indian Tribes are also required to furnish updated route information to the FMCSA within 60 days of establishing or changing a route.

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