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Adjudication Decisions

Please use the search below to find FMCSA adjudication decisions that are available on The Search field looks at the Title, Docket Number, and the contents of the document file and will return relevant results in the table below.

Case Name Order Title Docket # Date Posted Sort ascending
James L. Ickes Second Order on Reconsideration FMCSA-2001-11026 01/24/2002
Eagle Truck Sales of Wisconsin, Inc. Order on Reconsideration FMCSA-2000-7105 01/24/2002
Hardesty and Son, Inc. Order on Reconsideration FMCSA-2001-11064 01/14/2002
Regional Trucking, Inc. Order FMCSA-OMCS-1999-6634 01/14/2002
Lonestar C.C. Inc. Order Granting Stay FMCSA-2002-11281 01/14/2002
Plasnetics USA, Inc. Order on Reconsideration FMCSA-OMCS-1999-6509 01/14/2002
Leisy Trucking, Inc. Order Granting Extension of Time FMCSA-2001-10673 01/14/2002
Top Express Inc. Order FMCSA-2001-11121 12/19/2001
Intrac Transport, Inc. Order FMCSA-2001-10574 12/19/2001
Pride of the Country Carriers, Inc. Order FMCSA-2001-10565 12/19/2001
AGG Enterprises, Inc. Order on Reconsideration FMCSA-2001-8689 12/19/2001
Larry Wiek Order on Reconsideration FMCSA-2001-10820 12/19/2001
E. Leon & Son Trucking Order FMCSA-2001-11184 12/19/2001
Ledar Transport, Inc. Order FMCSA-2001-10024 12/12/2001
Leisy Trucking, Inc. Order on Reconsideration FMCSA-2001-10673 12/12/2001
Federal Beef Processors, Inc. Order FMCSA-2001-10483 12/12/2001
Thomas Scott Order Appointing Administrative Law Judge FMCSA-2001-10996 12/12/2001
James L. Ickes Order on Reconsideration FMCSA-2001-11026 12/05/2001
MP Livestock Trust Order FMCSA-2001-10610 11/26/2001
Thompson Drilling Co., Inc. Order FMCSA-2001-10690 11/26/2001
Flash Transportation Order FMCSA-2001-11038 11/26/2001
SBP Trucking, Inc. Order FMCSA-2001-10608 11/26/2001
Robert Andrews d/b/a Andrews Trucking Order on Reconsideration FMCSA-2001-10847 11/21/2001
Neusch Farms, Inc. Order FMCSA-2001-11004 11/20/2001
L&W Trucking, LLC Order FMCSA-2001-11002 11/20/2001
Fairchase Transport, Inc. Order FMCSA-2001-11000 11/20/2001
Joe Sumpter, Jr., dba J S Trucking Order FMCSA-2001-11003 11/20/2001
Scotty B. White dba Knight Transport Order FMCSA-2001-11001 11/20/2001
Paul Bartels Trucking Co. Order Scheduling Hearing FMCSA-2001-8671 11/16/2001
Corbin Transport, Inc. Order FMCSA-2001-9964 11/13/2001
Danny R. Rife Trucking Co., Inc. Order FMCSA-2001-9240 11/13/2001
In The Matter of LD Transfer Co., Inc. Order FMCSA-2001-10523 11/13/2001
Lickety Split Trucking Inc. Order to Cease All Interstate Transportation and Registration Suspension (US DOT # 0751232), (MC-315351) FMCSA-2001-10079 11/13/2001
Trayner Transport, LLC. Order FMCSA-2001-10671 11/13/2001
Laurel MTN. Trucking, Inc. Order FMCSA-2001-9796 11/13/2001
Easton Longhaul, Inc. Order FMCSA-2001-10552 11/07/2001
Satnam Singh dba Road King Trucking Order FMCSA-2000-8193 10/31/2001
Western Flyer, Inc., Order FMCSA-2001-9335 10/31/2001
Elvin's Trucking, Inc., Order FMCSA-2001-10579 10/31/2001
The Westwater Group, Inc., Order FMCSA-2000-8107 10/31/2001
Magpie Earth Works Order FMCSA-2001-10233 10/31/2001
Maine Packers Inc. Order FMCSA-2001-8703 10/31/2001
Lickety Split Trucking, Inc. Order FMCSA-2001-10079 10/31/2001
Alexander Trucking Order FMCSA-2001-10545 10/31/2001
TCT Trucking, Inc. Order FMCSA-2001-10409 10/31/2001
L & W Industries Order FMCSA-2000-7438 10/31/2001
Kuhn Cattle Co., Inc. dba Cloverleaf Cattle Co. Order FMCSA-2001-10511 10/31/2001
Total Tower Service, Inc., Order FMCSA-2001-9878 10/31/2001
Beckstrom Enterprises, Inc., Order FMCSA-2001-9789 10/31/2001
Quali-Tone Corporation Order FMCSA-2001-9571 10/23/2001