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Are drivers of commercial motor vehicles transporting sand for fracking operations considered to be specialized oilfield equipment and eligible for relief pursuant to Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR) § 395.1(d)(2)) and the corresponding regulatory guidance Question 8?

A vehicle of any type, regardless of use may be considered specialized oilfield equipment if it fits the criteria in paragraph 1 of Regulatory Guidance Question 8, which indicates that the vehicle is: (1) specially constructed for use at oil and gas well sites, and (2) for which the operators require extensive training in the operation of the complex equipment, in addition to driving the vehicle.

Based on this information frack sand truck operators can assess their equipment and driver training and determine whether they meet the criteria for specialized oilfield equipment in the regulatory guidance Question 8 to § 395.1.  FMCSA will work on amending Regulatory Guidance Question 8 to reflect this decision.

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Last Updated : April 16, 2018
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