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New Licensing and Insurance Division Established in OMC

April 22, 1996

April 22, 1996

As a result of the assimilation of the licensing and insurance monitoring functions of the former Interstate Commerce Commission, FHWA Administrator Rodney E. Slater has approved the establishment of a new division within the Office of Motor Carriers. The division has been assigned to John Grimm's Office of Motor Carrier Information Analysis.

The new Licensing and Insurance Division is headed by Thomas Vining as chief. He is a former ICC employee and most recently in his 19-year career had been associate director of the Office of Compliance and Enforcement.

The Insurance Section of the new division is headed by team leader Patricia Burke. The Licensing Section team leader is Lois Thompson. Ms. Burke, a 15-year federal worker, had been chief of the Insurance Branch for the ICC. Ms. Thompson, most recently the licensing officer for the ICC, had been with that agency for 31 years.

For now, all three continue to be located in the former ICC building, 1201 Constitution Avenue, N.W., Washington 20423-0423. It is planned to move them closer to our headquarters this summer. Their telephone numbers: Vining (202-927-5520) Burke (927-5520), and Thompson (927-5692).

Sincerely yours,

George L. Reagle
Associate Administrator for Motor Carriers

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