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FMCSA Releases Latest Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts Report

April 15, 2016

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) today released “Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts, 2014.”  This recurring annual report contains descriptive statistics about crashes involving large trucks and buses that caused fatalities, injuries, or property damage. 

For comparative purposes, crash statistics on passenger vehicles are also presented.  Among the findings:  The number of large trucks and buses involved in fatal crashes decreased by five percent and 17 percent, respectively, in 2014 when compared to 2013. 

The analysis also found year-over-year vehicle miles traveled (VMT) increased large trucks (1.5 percent) and buses (5.5 percent) in 2014. 

Click here to view the full report. 

Updated: Friday, April 15, 2016
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